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I rarely take photos with people in them. For example, in Israel I took about 350 photos and 20 of them have people in them (I took about the same number of photos of humus). Luckily Jon takes quite a few shots of people or we’d really have nothing. This is something I need to work on because I do actually like most of my people shots and I often find they are the most interesting to look back on.  I was scrolling through my archives today and found some of my favorite photos of people in the backcountry. I thought I’d share them because they remind me of some of our best summer adventures.

Milk River Canoe trip 2007 was our coldest canoe trip but we did enjoy a lovely sunset on the first night. We’re all watching the sun go down over the badlands, not knowing that this would be the only nice night on our trip.

Brazeau Loop was my and Jonny’s first backpacking trip alone. Prior to this we hadn’t done many trips together (and nothing so unpopular) so it was a little strange to find ourselves in a campground with no one else around. We were hoping to spot some caribou when we went through Pobaktan Pass but even with the binoculars we couldn’t spot anything.

The West Coast Trail was the big hike that we trained for all of the summer of 2007. I was so happy that the weather was great for so much of the trip. You can’t beat sunny days by the ocean chasing seagulls.

The weather in 2007 (except the Milk River trip) was excellent for most of the days we were out, so of course the weather in 2008 wasn’t. Our hike along the Skyline was a reminder that nice weather in the mountains is certainly not the rule. While the sun shone on us eventually, it wasn’t exactly warm on the Skyline ridge and I was thankful for bringing so much warm clothing. 

After all my complaining about the snow on the Skyline it had to be cold and miserable when we hiked Mnt. Assiniboine as well,  just to remind me that things can always be worse. At this point we were glad that it had stopped snowing on us even though we still had a few more snow covered km to go.

Strangely, early November was beautiful and upper Kananaskis Lakes gave us a chance to hike in the sunshine.

Last year, 2009, was probably our best summer for outdoor adventures since 2007. I guess it is a two year cycle. While Bowron Lakes was cold and rainy, it was still a great trip and I really enjoyed my first lake trip. I love cooking in the backcountry, and on a canoe trip you can carry those few extras to make it even more enjoyable. On our last night when the weather cleared up I got to enjoy not freezing under our backpacking tarp when I cooked dinner.

Rockwall was a reminder of how great being in the mountains is when all it does is pour sunshine down on you. Looking through the photos from this trip all I found was flower filled meadows, clear mountain peaks and smiling hikers (apparently I didn’t take any photos on the last day). If you can’t fit in the whole trip, Floe Lake (where this photo was taken) is a beautiful destination in itself.

Our last backpacking trip was Northover Ridge.  Not having done a backpack trip this year (the first time since 2006) made me quite unhappy but at least our last one was a good one. Having that trip as my last memory of being in the backcountry is making me very excited to get out again next summer. This little creek ford was the only unpleasant part of the whole hike and since it happens right before camp it isn’t really that bad. You know that 5 minutes down the trail your feet will be warm again anyways.

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