The new running plan is up – all 25 weeks of it. I know that’s a lot of planning but 25 weeks didn’t sound that long when I was writing out the weeks and I need to have something planned in order to run. It wasn’t until I thought about 25 weeks being nearly 26 weeks, and 26 weeks being half of a year that I realise I had just planned nearly 6 months of running! The spreadsheet looks a little intimidating at this point, but I’ll just work my way through it week by week until May. It gives me one less thing to worry about in the new year as well.

This week was Week 1 and I am very glad that every running plan starts out slowly. I hadn’t run more than a couple of times since my half marathon and I’d forgotten how much harder it is to run in snow. The last few little Chinooks haven’t done much to the snow other than make the trails icy, so I’ll have to get used to it. I’m also going to have to dig out my headlamp if I want to be able to walk the dog and run since it gets dark so early now.

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