Making Stock

I occasionally make my own soup stock – Christmas, Thanksgiving and sometimes when I find myself with a fridge full of limp vegetables.  It’s only a couple of times a year that I have that many bones around and I figured I was doing pretty well with making stock when I had the chance and the ingredients. Then I came across this post a couple of months ago and it completely changed things for me. I put a lot of stuff in my freezer, but the idea of freezing the leftovers from BBQ chicken, de-boned chicken thighs and such for the purpose of making soup stock had never crossed my mind. It really makes perfect sense so for the last little while I’ve been freezing chicken bones, those last few baby carrots that don’t get eaten in lunch, the middle pieces of celery bunches and whatever else looks like it might make good soup.

Now that it’s time to start clearing freezer space for the holidays I put all those bits and pieces into the stock pot and made chicken vegetable stock this afternoon.  Besides the chicken, celery and carrots I also had four apples, some leftover crushed tomatoes, a rind from a parmesan cheese and about an 8th of a bottle of white wine.


It needs to simmer another hour or so and then back into the freezer as 1/4 cup portions. With the Christmas turkey only two weeks away, there will be more stock making soon.

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