Holiday Baking – Shortbread and Banana Squares

I’m pretty sure I’m behind on my baking already but there are just so many other things that interfere with cookie making. These shortbread cookies were two days in the making, but taste delicious.

 I used the recipe from Chocolate and Ginger and made a double batch which is somewhere between 30 and 40 cookies with the cutter I used. The cookies were very delicate when they came out of the oven, so I lost a few to breakage but overall they were a success. I made the dough yesterday, left it to chill overnight and baked this afternoon. I don’t really like the taste of candied cherries, but the cookies just don’t look right without them.

I know that banana squares aren’t exactly a traditional Christmas favorite, but I just had to use some bananas in my baking. They are delicious, and I festived them up with some icing sugar. You can’t go wrong with icing sugar.

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