The Kale Lives On

I’m having a hard time believing it’s November now (I was running in shorts today, shorts!) but the lack of leaves and the weather forecast of highs in the negatives for next week are working on convincing me. The kale plants on the other hand still seem to think that it is August and nothing seems to be able to convince them otherwise (not frost, snow or giant green caterpillars).

I’m excited that the kale is still in denial because it’s giving me something to eat this week. When I opened the meal schedule on Sunday afternoon I was surprised to see that I had planned meals for next week, the week after and had even started a Christmas cookie list but had left all of this week blank. Because I like to live on the edge (or was too tired to go grocery shopping), I decided not to worry about it and just eat what was in the house (or scavenge as we call it around here) for the next few days.  

After two days the scavenging is going pretty well. I found a giant bag of potatoes in the cupboard today which triggered my memory for this potato and kale recipe I’d seen several weeks ago so I tried it out for dinner tonight. The recipe was really quite easy and made a perfect school night dinner (less than an hour start to finish). I used my mandolin on the thinnest setting to slice the potatoes (I only used 3, but it would have taken me forever without it), an 8″ stainless steel frying pan and a giant pot filled with water to weigh it down (because I don’t own a second frying pan). Even with those modifications I had no trouble with sticking and everything stayed together. I used a little feta along with the kale and while I thought it needed salt, it was pretty delicious.  Since I still have the giant bag of potatoes and more kale in the garden, I’ll probably make this one again this week and save on the stress of coming up with another meal idea.

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