The Last of the Swiss Chard

At the beginning of September (when I wasn’t working) I harvested almost all of our swiss chard plants – we’d had a few frosts and I was worried that things would get too cold before I got to it. I didn’t pull up the plants, just cut off the big leaves, because I have a really hard time committing to killing my garden plants. I’m pretty happy that I left them because over the past couple months the plants have been growing (despite a few heavy frosts) and today I got another colendar full of leaves when I finally pulled up the plants. With the weather forecast calling for low temperatures, I figured I should just get on with it and dug up that portion of the garden while it was still nice to be outside.

I got about 16 tightly packed cups of swiss chard, which blanched and packaged in 4 cup servings have joined the rest of the chard in the freezer. Only the kale remains to be collected before winter sets in here.

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