Ha Ling Peak

Jonny and I did not get out into the mountains as much as we would have liked this summer. In our dream world we would spend all summer hiking and camping (while still getting all of the other things we do done), so I think I say this every year. We’ve been having a wonderful fall now that it’s October and we thought we’d try to get a few hikes in before the snow shows up. So, as a family activity on the long weekend, we took Brinkley and Patches up Ha Ling Peak for a half day dog walk in the mountains.

Of course today the weather wasn’t as nice as it has been but we still had a good time. This was one of our first hikes when we moved to Calgary, but we haven’t been in years. I like it because it’s short, but always seems to tire out the dog. Some hiker had left a sandwich along the trail (bad, bad hiker) which made getting  Brinkley up the mountain a bit harder than I would have expected (he wanted to go back for the sandwich) but Patches was a trooper. Unfortunately, the wind was crazy when we got above tree line so we didn’t go up to the summit but that was probably best with two dogs. Getting them up is usually OK, but it’s the being dragged down that is the problem.

We only stopped at the shoulder for a few minutes to take some photos of us in the wind before heading back down. It was freezing on the mountain, but much more reasonable just down hill. I spent my few minutes of photos trying to fill my cheeks with wind just like the dogs.

Everyone (people included) was tired out after the adventure and I was pretty glad that I wasn’t putting on a full Thanksgiving meal tonight.

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