Norman Wells

I finally took advantage of the 24 hour daylight, and headed out into town after work to see what Norman Wells was all about. It’s a pretty little town, I don’t think I could live here, but it’s interesting to look at. It’s mostly houses, at least where I am, with the camp I’m in being the biggest. I walked past a few stores, a dental clinic and a hotel. I also saw the legion, the golf course and the fire hall.   

The only light I found in town was this crosswalk

 It’s all set against a beautiful back drop of mountains. Mountains to the south, mountains to the north. 


The houses are up on stilts, most everybody has an ATV, and flower beds are almost non-existant. Roads are gravel and mostly you see trucks parked in driveways.

A typical street

 The area around Norman Wells is just as beautiful. We drove out into the mountains on Friday for a campfire and I walked down to Jackfish Lake. Perfectly calm, and still light at 10:30 at night, it was exactly how I thought a northern lake should look. 

Jackfish Lake

  The scenery from my sites is almost as nice. We’ve been taking a barge across the MacKenzie River to this island for work.

The view from Bear Island

 I’ve seen one black bear, two cranes and many, many frogs. Bugs aren’t as bad as I was expecting, and the light hasn’t been a problem for sleeping. It’s the longest day of the year, and the bright light at 10 pm is a novelty. I’m heading home on Wednesday, but would love to return to the north for a non-work related trip some day.

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  1. hi I live in norman wells, and Id like to tell you, its not just daylight at 10:30, it never gets dark in the summer, only the winter.

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