Most of Moose Mountain

We finally got out for our first hike of the season. After a week of rain, the sun came out and Saturday was the perfect day to be out in the mountains. We headed to Moose Mountain, a hike we did a couple of years ago, since it’s relatively close to town and is usually good in the shoulder season. The first part of the hike is pretty easy, not too much elevation gain along a wide path. It gives you a chance to check out the mountain – which on Saturday was still snowy.

A snow-covered Moose Mountain

The snow was actually a good thing, it kept Patches cool enough that he practically dragged us up to the shoulder. From there you can see the actual summit, which is only about another 1/2 hour uphill. At the top is the fire lookout, and the helipad.

Looking up towards the summit.

We started but didn’t get all the way up the summit – snow-covered cracks seemed a bit of a hazard for the dog and we didn’t want to risk an injured leg. We stopped part way up, and spent a few minutes enjoying the snow covered mountains.

The fire lookout is closer than it was before.
Looking down towards the saddle.

With a cloudless sky, and temperatures in the 20s, being outside in the mountains was a joy (even without the summit). We ate lunch on the saddle, taking in the view and just enjoying being away from everything.

The view from the mountain.

After lunch we stopped to take a some pictures with the dog and then headed back towards home.

Patches and Jonny
Jenn and Patches

It’s a short hike, but by the time we’d started back down the mountain, a lot of the snow at lower elevations was already melted away. Wet feet and muddy trails on the way out, but if the warm weather keeps up, and we stop getting snow, then maybe by next weekend a few more hikes will have cleared off and we can get out again!

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