The Long Weekend

I need more three day weekends in my life – I got so much done on the house this weekend and not just every weekend kind of stuff but stuff that has been on my list to get done since we bought the place. By my count we checked off three major, and a few minor items this weekend.

Long Time To Do Item #1 – The Yard. As you can see, we had a pretty ugly yard. Over the past two years we’ve put a lot into it – leveling after the flood, new sod and re-planting all the flower beds. This weekend we put a lot of our time into landscaping by finishing off the front flower beds and although we’re not done with the yard, it’s such an improvement over when we bought the house that I’ve crossed it off the list for this year.

Our front yard when we moved in:

May 2008

The front right now looks like this:

And the bed on the left looks like this:

Long Time To Do Item #2 – The Flower Beds. I’ve been purchasing a few new perennials every year, trying to fill in the flower beds without breaking the bank. After transplanting a bunch of lilies, and picking up one more ground cover for my corner bed I think I am finally there. All of my beds have nice soil, limited weeds and some perennials in them now. I bought my bedding plants this weekend to finish things off. Just the usual pansy, petunias and marigolds for the beds and a few extra plants for the boxes. I know that it is a bit early for flowers, but we all just have to hope it doesn’t snow any more this summer.

I’m trying to make my flower beds as low maintenance as I can, so all of my perennials have low water requirements and are drought and heat-resistant types that I hope are aggressive enough to keep down the weeds on their own. The annuals (once they fill out a bit) will add some colour and I can change them up every year. Hopefully from this point forward the beds will just require weeding, and some occasional compost to keep looking good.

Long Time To Do Item #3 – The Deck. We have a lovely deck. It’s what made the house bearable for me when we were in serious reno mode last year. Having a place to escape to that wasn’t covered in drywall dust was wonderful and kept me sort of sane during the whole phase. But, after a few summers of sun, our poor deck has been looking a lot worse than when we moved in and in need of a new coat of stain since early last summer. Since we didn’t do it last year, it got high importance on this year’s home reno plans. Turns out we should have been able to fit it in well before now since all told it took about 4 hours to stain it. That’s just an afternoon of work, and pretty easy work at that. I’m not crazy about the stain colour, but it’s a perfect match to was on there before (and still is on the side rails).

As long as it doesn’t rain tonight we’ll be able to move everything back on it tomorrow and can stop BBQing on the lawn.

On top of the big three, we got a few other things done:

  • Lawn weeds – dandelions are not gone, but Jonny went at them every day this weekend and numbers are seriously reduced.
  • Pile of scrap wood – we had our second campfire of the summer this weekend and burnt off a little more of our left over hedges. We still need to have a few more campfires to get rid of the rest, but I don’t think it will be a problem.
  • Christmas lights – finally got those down! 

And even with all the “home work” we had time for a run, new cocktails from the most recent LCBO and pies made in the campfire.

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  1. The yard and all look wonderful.. Your weather must have been a bit better than ours…lots on inside cleanup in the north

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