Rope Bags

We bought this tarp a couple years ago before we hiked the West Coast Trail, and it’s one of the best outdoor “luxury” items we own. It’s a good size for covering a table at a campsite, and gives four to six people tons of room to cook dinner, play cards or just sit out the rain. I’m sure there are better tarps out there, but for the price, this one works just great. We used it on the WCT trail, on all three of our backpacking trips in 2008, and almost every day when we canoed Bowron Lakes in 2009. It’s in our pack on every trip, though we hope we never have to use it.

Just one more rainy day on the Bowron Lakes.

We like to keep our guy lines on the tarp so that it can quickly be assembled in the rain without digging for rope and tarp in the backpack. This leads to a lot of tangled rope and tarp when it gets pulled out of the bag, which can lead to frustration when you’re quickly getting soaked. I don’t have a lot of projects for our outdoor gear this year, so I decided to tackle this problem the other day. I created a bunch of little bags, modeled after our tent’s guy line system, to store all the rope. The bags hang off the guy lines when the tarp is in use, so they can’t get misplaced. Pretty handy!

This is how they work:

1: Thread rope through loops on bag

2: Turn bag inside out to form a pouch

3: Put the coiled rope inside the bag

Step 4: Flip top over bag. Keep rope tangle free!

 The new bags are on the tarp and it’s all ready for our first camping adventure of the season (which hopefully won’t be too far away!).

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  1. Very impressive and handy. I have take to storing many things in ziplock bags, which works until a screw pops a hole in it!

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