Hair Cut

Have I mentioned that the diet worked? Yup, Patches has lost the weight! He’s been slim and trim for a little while now, and he seems to have his old energy back. He’s running 5 miles with us a couple of times a week and is generally just happier.

Now with the spring weather and the running, Patches has been getting warm, really warm. And we know what that means – hair cut time! It’s sort of like a makeover after achieving his goal weight. A new ‘do to go with the new dog. We took him to a new groomer this time, and I think the result is less silly than previous times. They did give him the “pipe cleaner” tail, which still looks like it belongs to another dog.

Even if he does look funny, he’s a much happier dog without the hair!

Donnelly felt a little left out since he didn’t get to spend the day at the groomers. He needed a little extra love, and some time outside watching the birds.

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