The New “It” Legume

Everywhere you look, people seem to be cooking with chickpeas. New chickpea recipes are popping up on blogs, in magazines, and my mother has sent me some delicious looking recipes. Because of this chickpeas have been on my mind recently so when I went in search of meal ideas on Wednesday after work, and saw they were on sale I figured it was a sign. I saw this recipe while flipping through the LCBO Food and Drink magazine the other week and it sort of stuck in my head.  I couldn’t remember all the ingredients but I got the important ones and tried out my version for dinner.  

What the recipe says it should look like

I didn’t use the pancetta, or the carrots. And we used shell shaped pasta because, again, that’s what was on sale. It looked so pretty cooking – all the red, green and yellow in the sunshine. And it only takes the amount of time you need to get a pot of water boiling and cook the pasta. 

In the pot - what my version looked like.

We ate all of it, so I’d say it was a success. If you like your pasta a bit saucier you’ll want the cheese for sure, and black pepper is a perfect finish. It’s a quick weeknight meal and I’ll probably be making it again when tomatoes are little more in season. 

Adding the finishing touches

It felt so good to be cooking again – the week before I left I did very little of it and I missed it while in the field. So tonight I opened up another can of chickpeas and made falafel. My falafel patty recipe could use a little work, but Jon made the best tzatziki ever from Everybody Likes Sandwiches, and it really is the best tzatziki ever! We mostly followed the recipe – I didn’t have any dill, and we used smoked paprika instead of regular (because that’s all I have in the house). I also halved the amount of cayenne pepper – I bought some organic stuff and it is rather potent – and doubled the cucumber (since what am I going to do with have a cucumber?). Delicious! 

Best tzatziki ever

I think I need to try yet another falafel recipe. The one I used this time required very few ingredients, but my falafel balls just wouldn’t hold together once they started cooking. 

See, they hold their shape before I cook them... But afterwards, it is more of a falafel crumble.

Even with my rather crumbly falafel, the finished product turned out pretty tasty. Once you smother them in sauce you can’t tell that the falafel is in pieces anyways. I’m already looking forward to lunch tomorrow! 

Falafel sandwiches with the "best tzatziki ever"

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