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This is the time of the year when I start planning my summer adventures. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year but since it only last about 6 weeks here in Calgary, I have to work hard to get the most out of it. Usually I am full of ideas – which hikes to do, where to canoe, and exactly what and when I’m going to have to start dehydrating. But this year I’m having a harder time working myself up into a planning frenzy. We had some great hikes and outdoor trips over the past summers and I can’t see why this summer should be any different, but I’m just not feeling it right now. Some of you might say thats because it’s only March, but we know the early bird gets the campsites!

After some prompting by Jonny, I’ve gotten out the trail guides and have been flipping through, flagging hikes that sound interesting. I’m trying to decide if starting to hike the Great Divide Trail is going to be doable logistically, and if it’s not, picking another 5-10 day hike to take its place. I thought maybe another attempt at Mount Assiniboine was in order since we didn’t really get to enjoy it last time we tried and I’d like a few shorter weekend hikes – Petain Basin or Skoki maybe? We’ve done enough hikes that I started thinking about revisiting some that we’d done before, like Berg Lake, a family classic. And if we were up for a road trip  Juan de Fuca and the Chilkoot Trail are both on the list.

This year would be the Fifth Annual Canoe Trip as well. Seems like I could come up with one more canoe trip idea, but right now I’ve got nothing. Maybe something on the Bow? Some day I’d like to make it out to Quetico for a few weeks of canoeing, but I think it will have to wait another summer when we’re planning a Ontario road-trip again. So many great places in Canada to visit, such a long drive to get to them…

I’m also taking recommendations for outdoor trips. I often get my trip inspirations from other peoples’ photos and stories – Bowron, Assiniboine and the Milk River were all the result of seeing pretty pictures. But, since we had crummy weather on all those trips, maybe I need to rethink my planning strategy! If you’re trying to decide on where to hike this summer, Jonas Pass/Brazeau Lake is still our favorite hike – maybe it could be your’s too! 

Northover Ridge - better than being in the office for the summer!

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