Too Long in the Field

I’ve been in the field for only 9 days now, but I’m going crazy. The incessant “ping ping” of my fence pounder bouncing off a steel rod drives me loopy by day, and I’m in withdrawal from my everyday routines here in camp at night. I wake up with scratches, bruises and wind-chapped lips from 12 hours a day out in the elements (or scratching myself while I sleep, the dryness is intense), and despite my best efforts, the calorie-laden camp food might be catching up to me.

It’s starting to get ugly.

I haven’t run in over a week (lack of treadmill), and there are only so many “cross-training” days that I can justify. Plus, unless my marathon involves pounding a 4′ steel rod into the ground every 15 m, this training is not going to help. And I need to take off body weight, not increase my mass, so a diet of gravy isn’t ideal.

And my hair, don’t get me started on my hair. And nails, my poor broken, cracked nails.

Luckily the weather has been quite nice, so I can’t add “freezing to death” to my list of complaints. I get to ride a quad, all the time, which can be fun. And while the internet is slower than dial-up, and my cell-phone reception is shaky, I haven’t lost all contact with the outside world. It isn’t all doom, gloom and high fat foods.

Either a blessing, or a curse, but I’m getting out of camp a couple days before this project finishes to go work on something different. Tomorrow night I should be enjoying the comfort of my “home-away-from-home”. The change will allow me to relocate to Fort McMurray but will require me to spend an additional 5 days or so in the field. There are trade offs, but it will only make going home sweeter (right, not that going home would not be sweet right now).

More "found art" - my job, as found sketched on our equipment box by some past bored geophysicist. Right now, I'm the guy on the right pounding posts into the ground.

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  1. The “ping ping” of pounding rod all day must be similar to hearing the “click click” noise of a mouse all day from you and your officemate. Thank goodness for headphones in the office. If I had to pick between the torture method with water dripping on your forehead or being stuck in a chair and hearing random clicking all day, I might pick the dripping water…? with the repetitiveness of treeplanting, i’m glad it didn’t have any annoying sound associated with each shovel in the ground – except for when you hit a rock of course.
    Hopefully you haven’t started dreaming/having nightmares of having to pound rod all day and hear the “ping ping”
    Can’t wait to see you when you are done!

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