The Field in Photos

I thought I’d share a few pictures of what I see when I’m in the field. Things look quite different from a couple years ago when I spent my first winter in Fort McMurray. There is less snow for one thing, and it’s been warmer (but not warm).
In the morning, I always hope the sun is going to come up because things are much less dreary that way. Yesterday I was sitting in the middle of a willow brush patch when the sun popped up over the hills.
Sun rises through the brush

 This was the path I used to get to that particular bunch of willows. These are pretty good trails – very easy to get the quad up and down. And because of the fresh mulching, they smell great!

Our road for the day

 And my mode of transport – plus our electronics carrier – is this quad. The camo allows me to move stealthy in the forest…

How I get around all day

 My job for the past couple days has been to watch the data recorder and make sure the numbers make sense. Then I move it along to the next spot and repeat. It’s good because it’s not too physically demanding, but can be boring. 

Me, doing my job

When I’m not watching the numbers I’m trying to stay warm (harder today than yesterday) by jogging up and down the line, going for brisk walks or doing some step aerobics on a log. I spend a lot of time looking at the forest, hoping to see something cool. Today, I saw this gash on a tree, and I thought it looked a lot like a deer.

Accidental mulcher artwork.


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