Chocolate + Mint

At lunch today a co-worker of mine confessed to not liking the combination of chocolate and mint. What?!? I can’t imagine! There are many, many days when I crave chocolate and mint – I’ve called the husband from the field to tell him of my need for Junior Mints (with the hope that he’ll have a box waiting on my pillow when I return home). Lately I have been staring at  SmittenKitchen’s Grasshopper Brownies and fantasizing about shoving an entire pan in my mouth. Go look at them, and then tell me you don’t feel the same. Wouldn’t they be delicious? All that soft mintyness, and rich chocolate… It’s making it hard to focus. I’ve decided that I must make these at some point, sooner rather than later. I’m fully booked up for the next couple weeks (and on a no-more-groceries rule) but March, March looks promising… Doesn’t Saint Paddy’s Day call for some green coloured chocolate??

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