The Back to Work Blues

I don’t think I was the only person who wasn’t ecstatic about returning to the office after the Christmas holidays. It seems like vacation just wasn’t long enough this year. It was hard not to mope around last night, knowing that my last day of vacation for a while was over. Neither Jon or I had a particularly good sleep last night – I just didn’t feel like sleeping, and it seemed Jon was dreaming about Harry Potter. At one point, he awoke with a start, screaming and flinging the poor cat (accidently of course) off the bed and into the dresser. We then had to get out of bed, locate the terrified cat and try to convince him that Jon didn’t do it on purpose. Luckily only Donnelly’s pride was injured in the whole affair and other than giving Jon the stink eye for the day, he’s recovered quite nicely. We’ll see where he sleeps tonight.

After a night like that even making my breakfast smoothie tired me out, so Day1 back in the office felt even longer than it should have. The weather seemed to be suffering from the blues today as well – cold, damp and light snow. I haven’t had a chinook yet this winter (I missed the last little one when I was in Fort McMurray) and these -15 ish days are really starting to get me down. I could use a little warm wind and above zero temperatures just for a few days. Especially if those are running days. As we were walking home tonight we saw a pair of unicyclists doing some off-road trail cycling, in the snow, down the bluff, at 9 pm on a Monday night. Apparently, not everyone is as put out by the weather as I was tonight.

See, I’m just filled with first world problems today, and I blame it on an early morning after a week of sleeping in. Hopefully it passes quickly, adjusting to the 5:45 alarm is never easy but should get better as I get back in the swing of things. On a positive note lunch time yoga at work starts next week. With all the running I’ve been up to I need a little more stretching in my life, and it’s a great way to start a week. Plus, I got a new mat for Christmas and will actually get a chance to use it.

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