Running for Dinner

I started back on my running routine last week. It had been about 3 weeks since I’d last run (field work and the holidays) so last week was a bit rough but things are improving. I even made it through 8 miles on Sunday, only 1 minute slower than last time I ran it in November. I think that’s pretty good after my leave of absence. My only complaint is the amount of snow on people’s sidewalks- that sugary snow is a killer on the legs and I’m sure completely responsible for my slower time. I feel that if the little old lady who lives across the street can shovel her corner lot every time it snows, then most other people can too.

We were out running tonight and I think I finally got my cold weather running outfit figured out. I’ve been freezing the last week, so I added an extra vest and some thin pants over my running tights and I was almost perfect tonight. Most of my running gear is circa-1998 and Jon has a full on matching running suite from the early 90’s so we must look awesome out there. Or crazy.

Running makes one hungry, so the whole time I was running tonight, I was craving these amazing dinner sandwiches. Good thing that’s what was on the dinner menu! 

Cooking on the panini press.

I tried cooking them on the new panini press, and I highly recommend. With the press the outside is crispier, the inside meltier, and once they’re on there, you “set it and forget it” while you do the dishes. Easy, easy week-night cooking.

To be honest, I’m too cheap/lazy to even try to find the exact ingredients so my sandwiches are only a distant cousin of the LCBO recipe, but they still taste delicious. I substitute whole wheat french bread for the raisin bread, Edam cheese for the “Sheep in the Meadow”, use honey cured ham and completely skip the mustard. Then we eat them with syrup.

Ready for eating

You should try them, they are also delicious for breakfast and I’m sure would work well with your favorite meat/cheese combo. You’ve just got to dip them in the egg though, it makes the sandwich.


  1. Love the sandwich recipe. I too will have to try it, but we really like the photo of the eagle. When, where, how did you take it?
    love MUM

  2. Thanks!
    Jonny took the photo somewhere in Northern Ontario when we were driving back from the east coast. The eagle must have killed something and was feasting on it in a road side cut block. We pulled over to watch, and took these pictures with the telephoto.

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