It Only Takes 25 Miles a Week

I ate the lemon poppy seed cake tonight. It is as rich as the batter suggested, but I think it’s better suited to afternoon tea than a dinner dessert. I was still able to force myself to eat a very large slice anyways. If I led a life of leisure I would eat a slice tomorrow with a nice cup of the Earl, but reality dictates that I’ll shove in a slice sometime at the office (probably earlier in the day than I’d planned) while I dream of summer freedom. Lemon tastes a bit like sunshine, and one can’t help but dream of summer when you eat something with that faint lemon taste.

I understand that the last several posts have featured food, but I am seriously hungry all the time. It’s the running! At 25 miles a week I’ve finally hit the point where I’m starting to tone up. This is very depressing for me, since it means once the marathon training is done I’ll have to maintain this running level to keep my figure. And slow down with the eating, because you just can’t run enough to eat everything.

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  1. Yep. That was my problem after my first marathon. And then I got sick and had to stop running for a few months, and now I’m just getting back to 25-30 miles a week, and the tone has yet to return. Blah!

    But that lemon poppy seed cake sounds divine!

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