Go Go Gadget Kitchen

Anyone who has been out in the backcountry with me knows that I love my camping gadgets and gear. The same applies to my kitchen. While I won’t claim to have every small kitchen gadget and appliance, I certainly have more than I truly need. But I love, and use, most of them. Some of my favorite include this handy hook for opening can’s with pull tabs (great for cat/dog food), an avocado slicer, and the world’s best lemon squeezer (I also have the orange version). I’ve got the usual assortment of spoons, flippers and such but I try to keep a few exotic items in there to impress/confuse kitchen guests. And you never know when you’ll want to use the sugar cookie flipper.

I will admit that there are probably things I’ll never use, but I’m pretty good about cleaning out the utensil drawer – I recently parted with a very nice set of plastic taco holders because I just don’t like hard shell tacos – so things don’t pile up too much.  If it doesn’t get used once a year, it gets recycled so that someone else (who maybe likes hard shell tacos) can enjoy. This gives me more room for new gadgets, like the lovely Bloomus Tea Stick my husband gave me for Christmas. It’s definitely not a necessary kitchen item, but so much more practical than the old style tea ball. It hardly takes up any room in the cup, and it’s much easier to fill. I’d say my tea consumption has increased significantly since I opened it up on Christmas Day, and with all the “green tea being good for you” clamor, that must be a good thing.

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