It’s been ages since I baked anything and today I was consumed with the need to bake. My kitchen is so lovely in the afternoon with the sunshine, and the warm weather just called for the smell of fresh baking. So, I started with the poppy seed lemon cake from smittenkitchen. I’ve never made a lemon poppy seed cake before, so I have nothing to compare this one to but I think it turned out fairly well. I haven’t gotten to eating the cake but if it tastes anything like the batter its going to be absolutely delicious. It looks very lovely, Jon said it looked like a “store cake” and I take that to mean it looks great, not like its covered in plastic icing. I have it safely wrapped in foil for eating in a few days time and I hope it keeps.



After the cake I made a loaf of banana bread. I used an old family recipe that I don’t use very often but probably should. It makes a great, cakey loaf that is sweet enough even without chocolate chips.

And then I made some brownies. I used my grandmother’s recipe, the same one she always made when I came to visit. I was going to make pie but you can’t make pie with the kitchen aid. Well, maybe you can but not the kind of pie I was going to make. So instead, the brownies. They pack better than pie anyways.

And then, for one last hurrah, I made a loaf of birdseed bread. Usually I make it when we’re backpacking, and we eat it for breakfast. I think it will still taste good in the real world. And I didn’t have the ingredients for zucchini bread.

And, then I iced the brownies and was done.  Phew! Luckily the kitchen aid did most of the work, I just put things in it and then poured the end results into pans. I love my kitchen aid! And all that baking therapy seems to have worked wonders on my mood.

*Patches is reacting to the camera by running to the door and whining these days. He can even recognise the sound of the lense cap coming off. This is making it hard to take pictures because I have to put him outside. And I think that makes me a bad dog parent. We’re working on the issues but only pictures of the lemon cake today.


  1. That’s weird – I also felt an urge to bake yesterday. I came home from the lab in the afternoon so I could some! I only made a loaf of whole wheat bread. There’s nothing like kneading dough to sooth the soul!

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