Small Town Blues

I’m back in my favorite Saskatchewan-border town, Oyen. I’ve only driven through town a couple times, we’re staying at the new fancy Super 8 this time round, but it looks like not much has changed since my last visit. It’s winter, so there’s snow, and a lot of extra Christmas lights on all the houses. I grabbed some take out from the 90’s restaurant and it was absolutely packed – full of locals and non-locals out on a Friday night.

I’m suffering from second-field-day blues. Day 1 is always fine, you feel fresh. Day 2 is always the worst – you ache, even if you have been soaking in the hot tub, you’re tired and the cold is always just a little colder than the day before. I feel tired tonight, even without a run, and haven’t been able to focus on much other than watching “House Bunny” and drinking tea. I’m hoping Day 3 is better and that the winter storm plaguing most of the province never reaches Oyen. So far, so good on the snow front, although it’s mighty cold out in the field with that wind.

The sun rises on a cold field day (across the farm field and on the hood of my truck)

On a random note, I saw this energy drink advertised on the local TV station. Royal jelly?? Seems like a strange additive but you never know…


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