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For some reason my cell phone has started delivering my voice mail as text messages. While I’m sure research and development thought this was a brilliant idea, in the real world it results in your voice message:

Hi Jenn… I know we said maybe we would do something and I‘m wondering if you had any interest in going to the zoo. .. [Friends] are planing on going to the zoo tomorrow at about 10. I said I would like to go, I always love a trip to the zoo. And I was wondering if you wanted to come as well.

Coming out in text form as:

“Hi Jane… I know we could maybe we would do something and I’m wondering if you have any interest in going to the zoo… [Misspelled Friend’s Names] are planning on going to the gym tomorrow at about 10:00. So I guess I would like to go. I would like to get it to you and I was wondering if you wanted to come as well.”

Leaving me wondering if I’m being invited to the zoo, the gym or if I need to be making arrangements to pick something up for Jane.


Buried in all the practical formulas for converting to UTM in an excel sheet I opened today, I found this:

today is not Christmas

Indeed, today is not Christmas. But it did make me smile. To have this as an unrelated feature in your next excel project:



One of my goals from last Christmas was to crochet 12 new snowflakes for my Christmas tree for 2009. As the excel sheet informed me today, it is not yet Christmas but we are heading in that direction. I have only made 5 snowflakes to date, so that is seven snowflakes to make in the next month. If anyone has any really lovely crochet snowflake patterns that they want to share, please pass them on. I am bored with my old standbys and so many of the patterns are hard!

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