That’s Almost a Third of the Way

Eight miles is 30. 5% of a marathon, about 13 km,  and looks awfully daunting when you map it out. From our house you’ve got to run west along the top of the bluff  to that bridge that separates Bowness Park from Bowmont Park. (Usually when I want to walk my dog over there we drive!) From there you have to travel though the entirety of Bowness – past the green house, across the railway tracks and back to where the river goes to the south side of 16th. Then you have to loop your way along the river until finally climbing back up Home Road. 

My first 8 mile run in years was this Sunday.  The first 6 miles were pleasant enough, but I found myself glancing more and more at my borrowed Garmin running GPS as we hit the 7 mile mark. No matter how good running feels, at some point you do want it to be over. The GPS device has been wonderful to run with (we know how much I love my outdoor toys). I think I run faster because I know my pace (and I do have goals) and it makes sure that I’m actually running the required distance. Then I can load the results into my training page and watch the weekly miles add up. We’re doing about 25 miles a week, when I can fit all my runs in, with the idea that we’ll hit 30 miles/week by Christmas. Other than the sore hamstrings, and the snow, the running is going great. My spreadsheet stuck to the fridge reminds me exactly what I’ve got to do each day – and takes away all the “do we really? How about tomorrow instead?” that used to plague my exercise routine.

Even though I’m training to hit the 12 mile run before the end of January, I’m having trouble picturing myself running in the double digits. If 8 miles makes me sore like I am today, I’m not sure what will happen in the New Year when we start training into the teens and beyond. At 9:30/mile, I’m not setting any land speed records (and I only run that fast because that’s Jonny’s idea of a slower run) and our long runs are starting to head past that one hour mark by more than a little. I commented to Jon the other day that we’re going to have to start running in shifts if we want to accomplish anything else over the weekend. One of us can run 9 ’till noon and the other can do the 1 to 4 pm – allowing dog walking, laundry and home repairs to be completed by the non-runner. Friends and family, you can visit us on the running route!


  1. I miss running with you! Actually, I just miss running…maybe I should put down my beer and papers and get my ass out there…

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