It’s Winter in Montgomery

It snowed in Calgary on Friday. We often get snow around this time of the year, it’s to be expected. What’s also expected is that at least once during the winter, the streets will ice up and Home Rd will become one giant car accident. Last night was one of the those nights, and by 5 pm we’d witnessed several fender benders and more than a few cars stuck on the their way up or down. I feel terrible for the people spinning their tires up the road, or bouncing down the curb but it’s hard not to watch. The first few people up and down the hill have no idea what they’re getting into, but the guys who turn onto the road at the lights and see a five car pile up should really reconsider heading up the hill and joining it.

By 10 pm we’d watched a CT bus get stuck, four cars get abandoned on the road, and a (thankfully) empty school bus get high-centred on the concrete barrier that prevents vehicles from landing on people’s lawns. All within the one block of Home Road that we walk the dog on. We opted not to drive anywhere and settled into our house to wait out the ice. This morning when we went to walk the dog, someone had driven across our lawn, our neighbourhood was filled with cars parked all over the place and the city had shut down the block north of us. Welcome to winter!

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