Working Our Way Toward Winter

I was wrong about it not being cold in Fort McMurray. I guess it’s not cold for Fort McMurray, but it’s cold compared to what I’m used to. I spent a freezing day out on an exposed “pond” and now have a lovely wind burned face to complete my field “look”. Need to get myself home and buy some new moisturizer ’cause winter skin seems to be here.

On another winter-is-coming note, Jon and I were trying to remember when it started to snow last year. Not just snow in the mountains, but get cold in the city and stick to the ground for a day or so. Apparently last year I was too busy doing home renos to note the weather, and the year before that I was out of country. I feel that it was later than this, but maybe we just got some late season nice weather afterwards. It seems to be snowing on and off now, so I’d have to say we’re well past our first snowfall in Calgary now.

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