Channeling My Inner Housewife

When I become independently wealthy and can finally achieve my goal of being a well to do housewife, I’m going to spend lots of weekends like this past one. Afternoon drinks on a Friday, wearing cute dresses to shop for fresh produce at the farmer’s market, and long runs in the middle of the day – just because I can. Of course, I understand it can’t be all nice shoes on sale, trashy novels and afternoon naps but who wants to be a housewife with a bunch of screaming kids, dust bunnies and dirty laundry? Not me, I’ll stay in my bubble thanks!

It was around this time last year that tomatos came into season (really, they could be in season long before this, and long after this and I wouldn’t really know) and I worked up a few batches of Grandma’s Chili Sauce. Because I was already being domestic this weekend, I added in some canning to my housewife vacation. I now have lovely red jars of chili sauce, peppy salsa and tomato halves in the canning storage area in the basement. I’ll admit I didn’t quite pull off my caning with the grace I had intended (its hard to be perfect when splattered with tomato) but overall things went pretty well. By the time all my family returned on Monday I had cleared up any evidence that caning is actually work, and the house was tidy and I could have met them in my apron with a drink at the door if needed. And next time you stop over for a homemade meatloaf, make sure you sample the chili sauce…

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