Middle of July

I’ve been so tired lately, I’m not sure what it is. I fall asleep in the car on the way to ultimate frisbee, I have trouble keeping my eyes open at work, and I have to keep setting the alarm earlier to allow for the longer and longer snooze time. I function best on 10 hours of sleep a day, and I think the average of 6 is finally catching up to me.

It’s just been busy around here. Nothing special happening, but lots of stuff keeping me on the go. Maintaining the house alone in the summer uses up a ton of time – weeding, watering and cleaning all the dirt tracked into the house by the animals fills an hour or so every night. With the hot weather, I have started moving plants from the front of my house to other beds to cut down on the amount of watering needed. Plus, they look sort of stunted and ugly up there anyways. I’ve put in a few drought resistant green things in the empty holes, and next year I’m going to wood chip it. Keeping things growing is just so much work!

The veggies are sort of coming along, which is a change from last summer where nothing grew. The swiss chard, rhubarb and lettuce are doing well. The ants always get my strawberries, but the pin cherries are almost ripe (and maybe we’ll get around to making jelly this year). My radishes must have been on ‘roids because they went nuts. But clearly they’ve only been working on the upper body strength and are all leaves and no root. Which is sort of useless as its the root I want to eat. The herbs are doing surprisingly well, probably due to the fact that I keep them on a hot deck and religiously water them.

I made time to paint some trim last weekend, and Jon put it up in the bedroom tonight. It looks great – really crisp and clean. If I can paint a room of trim a weekend, its only another month until I’ve got the main floor done… We also started the basement floor on Wednesday night but Jon is going to have go back down there and finishing of the edges – I got tired and decided we had to go to bed. We haven’t gotten around to staining the deck yet, but its on the top of our to-do list once we have a free weekend (September too late??).

Hmmm… Jon just started watching EuroTrip and nothing makes me laugh like the opening credits to EuroTrip. The airsickness cartoon gets me everytime. Time for mindless entertainment…

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