Old Photos and Good Memories

I’ve been slowly working on transfering all my digital photos to one safe location (new the hard drive) and came across my pictures from my last days as a treeplanter tonight. They made me miss being at plant, even though its been almost four years since we finished. Today, I wanted to be out there – working hard, enjoying the sun and not having to deal with the “real world”. I’m probably a little too young to be looking back on the “good ol’days” already, but sometimes you can’t help it. I love flipping through my old albums – wondering what all those friends are doing now and seeing Jon and I when we first met – thin, dirty, tanned and with nothing to worry about but planting trees and drinking beer.  That green sweater with the fringe I always wore, Jon’s tight plaid pants, how crazy our hair always looked and those terrible tan lines we had going on. For good or bad, we’ll never be quite like that again…

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