I Hate Fiberglass

I came home early from work today and had the great idea that I’d clean our basement. It’s a huge bit of a mess, and I wanted to tidy it so I could tidy the main floor (by moving everything into the basement, obviously). The crap from the basement would then go to the garage, and at some point many years from now would move on to where ever it is that old stuff from peoples’ garages go. Sounded pretty perfect to me, and I could stop feeling guilty about making M crawl over piles of stuff to get to her room every day.

Instead, I got distracted by a ceiling tile lying in my way, and one thing lead to another, and soon I was hell bent on getting our ceiling back up. The tiles got pulled down last year sometime in order to access the electrical, and while I got around to replacing the bedroom, I never made it into the rec room. All I can say is next time the ceiling comes down, I’m labeling it. Putting it back up was just one big adventure in trial and error – and now I’m itchy! But, the good news is that its mostly up. Except those tiles that seem to be missing, and the tile with the vent cut out that doesn’t have a vent, and the missing fluorescent light covers (which may actually have been moved to the garage, lets hope they haven’t taken the next step).

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