Things that Got Me Excited Today

  1. Our Blue Bin – Curbside recycling certainly isn’t a new concept, but here in Calgary we’re just rolling out our citywide recycling program. Jon and I have been talking about our blue bin since we found out it would be delivered this month, and we’ve been anxiously checking our front walk and back alley since we started to see blue bins in the neighborhood over the weekend. Today we came home from work and our bin was here! We immediately let the dog out to bark at it, and then rolled it onto the porch. I have already filled it with recyclables (I’ve been saving my plastics for the last month, now I can finally recycle them!), even though our first pick up isn’t until June.
  2. Our new filter – hiking season is coming up quick (in theory, the weather would say otherwise) and its time to gear up. Our lovely MSR filter broke hiking the Skyline last year, and when I finally got around to replacing it this year, I found out it had been discontinued (at least at MEC). I’d been really pleased with it (until it broke) and was unhappy to have to replace it with something else. However, I think that this filter is going to be a suitable replacement. Its a bit heavier (luckily I have Jon) and I don’t know anyone else who has used it, but it meets all my other filter requirements. I think the only major downside is that the pumping action is , ummmm, a little suggestive…
  3. Trashy novels from the library – After MEC we cruised to the Bowness Library to pick up some books on pond building (Jon has BIG plans for our yard). Because I think all reading should be fun, and having to read all the words in a book is a bit of a downer, I got out some real light reading.  I wasn’t in the mood to be judged by the librarian today, so I stayed out of the “romance” section but managed to find some great books elsewhere. I’m looking forward to popping into my PJs and indulging in some chic lit.
  4. My sippy bottle – I guess its tecnically called the Camelbak Better Bottle, but I refer to it as my “sippy”. Its just like my beloved hydration pack, but a little more acceptable for office use. Since I bought it, I have been able to drink more than 1L a day easily. And they say its BPA free, so I only have to worry about all the other bad plastics…

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