That’s the Smell of Progress

You might think it smells like went paint around our place, but that’s actual what an almost somewhat done house smells like! After three days of weekend, we’ve progressed in the home repairs by leaps and bounds. Our bedroom has been painted, twice – once a minty green ‘October Mist” and now a lovely “Bed of Ferns”. Instead of lying in bed looking at a partially drywalled hole, I stare at lovely green walls. The trim is done (except the baseboards) and the furniture is back. The batik bedspread I had made in Nigeria finally matches something. For the first time in almost 10 years, I have an actual closet in my bedroom. We put up shelves and bars, and once the now painted bi-fold doors make it out of the basement, it will be done. I’ve already started moving my clothes in, and can’t wait for the rest of them to make the move out of the spare room.

The rest of the main floor of the house, with the exception of the kitchen, has at least one coat of paint (a green/brown colour). Light sockets and fixtures that haven’t ever worked are live. We have light switches, and cover plates on the walls. I won’t get a zap everytime I switch on the basement light. I moved the construction supplies out of the dining room, and put my furniture back where it belongs. I could eat dinner at my dining room table if I wanted to. And its going to stay where it is, I don’t need to move it to fix anything! Hmmm… except that floor, and those baseboards… 

As you could see if you were here, even with all the work we’ve done, the indoor repair list isn’t quite done. There is still the stair well to the basement, and our bedroom door. We need to do the flooring, and fix the bathroom door knob. The light in the dining room is hideous, and the kitchen has been waiting for work since we moved in. The living room needs the trim around the window painted. The hallway needs another coat of paint. Then there are little things like heating vents and knobs. Don’t even get me started on the big projects like the mud room, or the basement… But, for the first time since we moved into the house, I can almost actually put things away and just live in my home – once I clean it. Amazing! It’s so different from this time last year, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next year (fingers crossed that what happens is a new kitchen and less basement flooding).

Taking a break from the home repairs, Donnelly enjoys some sun on the deck.
Taking a break from the home repairs, Donnelly enjoys some sun on the deck.

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