Badlands and Lemonade Stands

A flat tire on Friday afternoon was a bit of unhappy start to the weekend, but a new-to-us tire from the local Fountain Tire put our wheels back in motion and gave us the freedom to head out from Calgary on a Saturday adventure. I really, really wanted to be out in the mountains, but with Patches still on the inactive list, and what I can only imagine as marginal trail conditions, I figured we’d wait awhile (at least until next weekend). Instead, we headed east to Horseshoe Canyon – no only is it warmer and drier this time of year, but no bears!!

The beautiful Horseshoe Canyon
The beautiful Horseshoe Canyon

We had great time wandering around the hot, dry hoodoos. Well, everyone but Patches, who found the heat unbearable in his fur coat and had to dig a mud hole in a dry stream bed to cool off. There are pleanty of trails, and not too many other people. We only made Patches suffer for a couple of hours (really, he wasn’t actually in any distress) before heading back to the canyon rim and then back to cool old Calgary. We did not find any dinosaur bones, but no one got bit by a rattler or stepped on a cactus, so we did alright I guess… It’s a pretty nice, easy trip for anyone looking to get out of Calgary this time of year, if you’ve never been.

A nice big hoodoo
A nice big hoodoo

On the way home, both Jon and Mairi felt that a handcrafted “Ice Tea” sign warranted a giant u-turn in the highway, and a side trip to a child’s drink stand. I sat in the car (I find these things rather embarrassing) while they purchased $0.50 glasses of lemonade (despite the advertising, ice tea was not on the menu) from the completely flustered small child who was manning the booth (supervised closely by her Mom, two large dogs, two children on child sized ATVs and a variety of farm animals).  Mediocre lemonade, but refreshing after having given most of our 4L of drinking water to Patches… If you’re on your way to Horseshoe, look for it just outside of Beiseker.


  1. That is too funny. If you were near Beiseker anyway, you should have stopped in and taken a picture with the skunk statue there…reminds me of the last time I was in your neck of the woods.

  2. I was thinking about your visit and the Gopher Hole Museum at the same time, am I right in thinking you visited there as well on your grand Alberta tour?

  3. Why yes, yes I did. We did a tour of all the “Biggest” things: the gopher museum, the skunk, the big black diamond, the big T Rex, Big Rock. It was a quality one day road trip!

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