Off the Island

We made it to mainland Tanzania this afternoon – despite being issued tickets for a ferry that wasn’t actually going to sail! I had to run around madly trying to exchange my tickets for the ferry that was departing right then, while Jon got left with the luggage. Luckily, I got a refund on our useless tickets and was able to purchase new ones with minimal trouble and we made the sailing. Phew…
After a bumpy ride over, in which Jon saw several flying fish and I stared at the horizon, we’re hanging out in Dar es Salaam and trying not to sweat too much. We’re staying at the hotel we wanted to stay at last time (yay!) and have big plans for two orders of butter chicken after we shower. Wild times in Africa! We’re down to our last few Tanzanian shillings, so that sort of limits our activities for the afternoon to surfing the internet ($1 CAD) and drinking Fanta ($0.80 CAD) so that we have $$ left for our taxi tomorrow morning. We’re off tomorrow if all goes well with our bus tickets and should soon be sweating it on the Kenyan coast instead.

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