Travelling in Style (or Something Like It)

After travelling through Argentina, especially Buenos Aires where everyone looks like fashion models, I got tired of wearing ugly, but practical, clothing while on the road. So, for this trip I decided to forego quick drying practicality for a flattering cut and no leg zippers. Out with the trekking pants – in with the Patagonia Mystery Pant. Out with the MEC dry fit – in with the cute t-shirts I got at Om in Kensington. I’m keeping the Macabi skirt (ignoring the pleated front) because its SO practical and comfortable but will supplement it with a Patagonia Kamala skirt (which, I only found out when I went to write this post, doubles as a dress). Its not high fashion, but its a step up from previous outfits (or outfit, as in the case of our first trip to Africa).

Some of the items are road tested – the pants are awesome, and the Macabi has been with me through South America. And some items are on trial – the skirt I love but gets mixed reviews on line, and the t-shirts have a reverse V-neck, which I find itchy (??). It will all work itself out, and anything that doesn’t survive will just get replaced before Israel!

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