Sundays are very bad for you…

especially when they have brownies in them. They can lead to problems including, but not limited to, your new merino long underwear feeling uncomfortably tight.

We had quite the snowfall here last night, which I fully meant to take photos of, but after the dog woke me up at 3 am for a trip to the outdoor bathroom and the time change, I was just too tired to find the camera this morning when everything was clean and fresh looking.  Instead we went for a walk in the cold and then cleaned the house. Yup, we vacuumed the drywall, washed the floors and moved all the furniture to finally capture the dust bunnies. It’s great, although Donnelly may have some hearing damage due to excessive vacuuming over the past couple days. I did an interpretive dance in the living room to demonstrate all the space we now have since the dining room is back in the game, but rest of the family didn’t get it.

We’re also trying to pick a paint colour for the main part of the house. We started with about 25 mini-chips in varying shades of brown-green-grey and narrowed it down to 4. On Saturday we took our four chips to the store, and came home with 3 big chips. I think we’ve finally chosen one, but only time will tell as we move it around the house and stare at.  Its it too green? Too grey? Too brown? Do we still care?

I also went to the thrift store to find some books for my upcoming trips. I have a mild addiction to chick lit (gasp!), murder mysteries and other such things. However, the average paperback will only last for 5 or 6 hours of reading (not quite enough for all the flying) and my limited bag space means I had to pick and chose some books that I think will take me longer. This proved to be tougher than I thought because I also had to want to read the book, it had to be paperback and it had to be available at my local thrift store.  I ended up with Gone with the Wind (read it before in grade 10, but it took me two tries, so its guaranteed to take me some time), White Teeth and some murder mystery (I couldn’t resist, what if the other two are boring!). I am hopefull I will be able to swap out my “used” books at some hostels. I also picked up another book, Can You Keep a Secret?, but I finished it off today…

My one other activity for the weekend was a haircut. After waking up everyday for the past couple weeks thinking “gosh my hair is ugly” I decided it was time to visit Heather P. and get some umph back into my ‘do. Its shorter again, so it will take less blow drying time, leaving me more time for lattes in the morning.

*On a side note: check out this series of photos from MangoFalls. Oh dear…

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  1. When travelling it is all about volume.. in reading the longer/more difficult the better.. unfortunately trash some times meets the requirements

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