Just stick another one in.

On Friday Jon and I visited our local travel clinic (the Bowmont Travel Clinic, conveniently only a 5 min drive away) for our pre-trip doctor’s visit. We’d had a quick flip through our previous vaccines, and had figured we only needed some antimalarials and a typhoid booster for Jon.  After reading our travel vaccination records, our doctor not only recommended the expected antimalarials and typhoid, but also flu, Dukoral, and meningitis (apparently ours is the wrong kind). Ouch, not only did we walk out of there with sore arms, but we’re now $600 poorer.

The pain is still lingering today, both of us have sore arms, and I had a migraine (which is very unusual). It’s either the results of the shots, or the Taste of Lime chips I ate last night…

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