And then she got bit by a monkey

When we got our shots last week, the travel doctor suggested that we also get our pre-exposure rabies vaccines. We’d never thought about getting them before, mostly due to the price. Three shots each, at $200/shot, seemed very steep for something that was unlikely to happen. But, after learning more,  the thought of having to decide between being injected with a blood product in a developing country, or chance getting rabies should one of us get bitten while travelling, made us rethink the actual value of a $600 vaccine.  On Tuesday we called the clinic to book our first shot, which, due to rationing of the pre-exposure vaccine, is only being given on Wednesdays. I resigned myself to a whopper of a visa bill and a sore arm for three more weeks.

But, instead of the jab I was expecting, the clinic was giving ID vaccinations.  A smaller amount of fluid is injected just under the skin, forming a giant blister, which somehow just become a red bump. Much less painful, and it allows ~5 times the number of people to be vaccinated for the same amount (apparently there is a shortage of vaccine). The best part? Its like a buy one, get two for free sale – the whole set of vaccines will only cost us $200 each. So, easy on our minds if we do become the victim of a monkey, and easy on the bank account as the next two weeks injections are free!

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