Despite what you may have heard, I’m not a particularly great housekeeper. I find it incredibly exhausting to maintain my house – cooking, cleaning and raising the dog/cat doesn’t come easy for me. All week I let the dirt pile up, and then inevitablyon Sunday morning I wake up in a panic and house clean until (most of) the dust bunnies are gone.  I try during the week to keep things under control, but by the time I run, cook dinner, feed the dog, scoop the litter boxes and make lunches, its already bed time!

I like to think that most of my messy house problems stem from the on-going renos. There is something about having your husband scraping drywall, wall paper and bits of insulation out of the closet, while you’re vacuuming, that makes the whole thing kind of fruitless. One of my greatest home-maker fears, however, is that the disaster will carry on long after we’re finished renos, and in reality the problem lies with me, and not the exposed drywall and sawdust insulation.

Luckily for me, it will be a long while before I have to face the truth. We just passed the 9 month mark of home ownership (and renos), and we’re still many, many months away from painting. And then there’s the kitchen, and, dear god, the basement.


  1. If there was ever anything to lift your spirits here goes….

    I now keep a freaking neat home…sure I am aided by having a neat freak for a partnet, but it’s now like second nature! I’ve gotten into a regular pattern of tidying, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing that I just don’t think of it… and wow, the house stays clean!

    And that’s all coming from a former SLOB! So I am certain you’re going to be just fine once you have some order in your home!!

    Love ya…

  2. Actually, I would blame the parents, particularly the Mother. It is obviuos you were not brought up correctly. Dog, cat and renos are the real culprits as is the fact it is a wet, dirty February…love you

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