Welcome to 2009

I think we’re all well aware that it is now 2009 (although our trip to the mall today still felt like Christmas 2008). Since its 2009, I can forget about the resolutions I didn’t make/didn’t keep in 2008 and try again.

  1. Drink a minimum of one (1) litre of water a day. I understand that 1 litre isn’t exactly a huge amount of liquid, but being that there are days when I don’t drink any water, I figure we should start small. The keys to this goal are that it has to be water (no other liquid will count towards the daily total) and the count is reset at the end of each day (it doesn’t matter if I drink 10 litres today, I still have to drink at least 1 tomorrow).

Hmmm… I’m going to keep it simple and stick to one goal (there is no need to be an overachiever, lets set ourselves up for success). I’ve already consumed two days (2 litres) of water, only 362 left to go!

The begining of 2009 is also Patches birthday. We celebrated today with cupcakes (Patches got a whole one, Jon got two and Donnelly ate some icing). Patches got a walk yesterday in the snow (another trip to Bow Valley Provincial Park, finally an outing!) and we let him eat a spider today. We are getting him some new Alpaca wool for his bed too. Happy 4th Birthday Patchers!

The very happy birthday boy
The very happy birthday boy

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