Revisiting the Past

Over the weekend, Jon and I took advantage of our first, and only, day off together in a while, and headed out to a place we haven’t got to visit much – the mountains. Its been a bit of a bust this summer for hiking but the beautiful weather lately got us in the mood for some outdoor time.

Our destination was the loop around Upper Kananaskis Lake – this was the first hike we ever did with Patches, and the first hike we did when we moved to Calgary over 3 years ago now. There was less snow this time around, although we were hiking later in the season, and we had georgeous sunshine for the entire day. Patches enjoyed a day out in the mountains, his first of the season, and sniffed everything. Perfect… now if only we can squeeze a few more days like this in…


  1. When I see your pictures it makes me want to take up hiking, and then I remember where I live! When we’re next out in your neck of the woods, you three will have to take us out for an easy hike, k??

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