Being a Bit of a Slacker

I don’t think I’m the only person who has been hibernating, already fighting the pre-winter gloom. With the recent snow falls, the hiking season was over before it even started and there isn’t enough of the white stuff to be exciting yet. Home renos were humming along, but a crooked wall has set us back, and now a lack of ancient drywall is holding things up. We need to take out some thing else before we can proceed. I think we’re only a few coats of mud away from priming, so perhaps the paint will be up before 2009. 

The only MacDonald not feeling a little under the weather is Donnelly – tonight he took great delight it taking the end of the cucumber off the counter and rolling it down the basement stairs. He is truely embracing the new “spend less money and still have fun” philosophy. After I removed the cucumber from the basement, he located the second cucumber end, and chased it down the hallway.

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