A Long Float

We just returned from the 3rd Annual Canoe Trip on Sunday on the Lower Red Deer River. We completed about 145 km of river “paddling” from Drumheller to Dinosaur Provincial Park in just under 6 days. We had truly wonderful weather compared to last year – mostly sunshine and heat. The only negative to the trip was the bugs, which got progressively worse the longer we were out there. On the last night we were driven into our tents by 7:30 for fear of being eaten alive.

This part of the river was definatly an easy paddle for our distance and time, giving us lots of time to swim and sunbath. I’m several shades darker than when I started, and my lips are painfully sun burned. But its rare to get beach time in Alberta, so sitting on a sand beach in 30oC weather was a treat. The river wasn’t as scenic as I’d expected – we really didn’t see much in the way of badlands until we got to the end but there were a lot of beavers. We also spotted owls and pelicans. The fishing was tied between Jon (1 fish) and a seagull (1 fish), although Jon’s fish was probably bigger.

To be honest, I barely took any pictures (which is strange). I guess it was just a combination of the heat, and the fact that most of the river looks the same. I’m not sure what I did on the trip, I didn’t even bring a book, so I simply spent a lot of time sleeping, sunning, eating and watching Jon fish.

Everyone at the start of the trip.

Camping along the river.

Sunset on the river

At the end of the trip – browner and with way more bug bites.

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