The ¨W¨

Glacier views
The ¨W¨ is probably the only reason 90% of travelers are in Puerto Natales (Chile). Its a well reviewed 5 day trek in Torres del Paine National Park that takes in some stunning scenery. Named for the W shape it traces out along the base of several peaks its only about 80 km long and not ranked as the most difficult of treks. Loaded up with rental gear and the Chilian version of treking food, we set out to see for ourselves.
Winds swept

The trek is wonderful, if you can stand the large groups of people (oh, a far cry from Canada) and the wind. But the views were fantastic, we only had seriously bad weather for one morning (snow) and we got to see almost everything we set out to view.

We saw the Grey Glacier (ok weather), missed the Valley Frances (snow and clouds) and got two beautiful days at the Torres. Other than freezing everynight in our rental sleeping bags (perhaps we should have brought our own) things went fine. In fact, 4 out of 5 sunny days is pretty good! I prepared 3 different pasta meals (and one potato) and we dinned well on PB and honey on crackers for lunch.
We finished the trek exhausted, in need of a shower and craving something other than pasta. We´ve got tonight in Puerto Natales before heading back to Argentina to see more glaciers and doing a little more treking. Below are just a few of the many pictures we snapped on our 5 days.

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