Moving Back Home

Alright, not really home but I’ve decided to move back to  

While I’ve enjoyed hosting my own site, I just can’t justify the cost given that I’m not posting all that frequently. I’d still like to keep blogging so going back to my old home makes sense right now.

All my content has been transferred over, and while I’m still making a few updates and edits, I’d love you to join me over there to see what we’ve been up to lately, and what adventures await us!

What We’ve Been Up To – Summer 2017 Recap

We’re well into fall now and I can’t really believe that it is already halfway (or more) through September so this post is a little behind but I figure better late than never. Summer always seems to fly by – this was my 5th summer off (thanks teaching job!) but I’m still amazed at how …

One More Summer Vacation

We decided to squeeze in one more summer get-away – four days at the cabin to cap off our summer and soak up the sunshine before heading back to work/school/daycare. We didn’t do anything other than relax at the cabin – but why would you leave when it looks like this? Baby E played in …

Visiting Victoria – Bowling and Travel

I’ve been lucky enough to head to Vancouver Island the past two springs with school (I missed out this year since I was pregnant with the little guy) but Jon and I haven’t been out for a real visit in several years. In fact, we both had a hard time remembering exactly what we did …